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Artificial Grass For Kids

Is An Artificial Lawn For You?

Are you tired of your kids bringing muck inside your house after playing in the garden. are you sick of them ruining your lawn with constant play.


You don’t not want stop your kids to playing in the garden, after all you know they are safe and well where you can see them. Especially on dark nights what better place is there to  play then in their own garden. You don’t want to keep  them in and have them under your feet and they should be playing out.


Then Artificial grass is the perfect solution. Your kids can play on it no matter what the weather, rain or shine and still  wont get mucky. So when it is eventually time to come in there is no major cleaning operation to go through because they aren’t mucky, its so easy.


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With an Axigrass Artificial lawn all our grasses are perfect for kids for many reasons:

  • They can’t ruin it, no matter how much they play on it.
  • They wont get mucky.
  • They can play on it all year round.
  • They can’t tear it.
  • You don’t have to clean up after them.


Also with an Axigrass Artificial grass installation you benefit from:


• Peace of mind with an 8 year warranty.


• A quick installation so your lawn isn’t out of use for too long.


• A professional installation by an experienced company so you know it is done correctly.


• You don’t pay any deposits and pay when you are completely satisfied with the work, which keeps you in full control thought the installation.


• We stay on site from start to finish so we won’t be leaving your site at all to do other jobs in between.


• No sub-contractors will be used on your artificial lawn and you have direct contact with me if you have any issues.

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