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Dog Owners Favourite


  • Short pile easy for cleaning off their mess.
  • Tough rubber backing so no dog can dig through it.
  • 2 Shades of green and a brown thatch so it looks like real.
  • Made in the UK from quality plastics so it doesn't fade.


Are you tired of your dog ruining your lawn? Are you fed up of your dog bringing muck and mess inside your house?


Well with the Windsor artificial grass your dog cannot ruining your lawn with digging no matter how hard they try, because of the tough rubber backing of the grass it is impossible for any dog to get through.


And as for the mess there simply isn't any. There aren’t any mud patches for the dog to walk in then bring back into the house.


And speaking of mess, their mess is so easy to clean off, and the grass cannot be stained by their wee.



Do you want to know what the grass looks and feels like?


Well you can by ordering  some samples with free next day delivery. Just fill out the easy from on the samples page.

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How much does the grass cost?


Find out how much the grass costs by downloading the 2018 Artificial grass and installation price list.


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